The only conversational
sales and marketing platform purpose-built for Salesforce

Qualified accelerates lead generation, pipeline, and revenue for sales and marketing teams worldwide.
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The only conversational
sales and marketing platform purpose-built for Salesforce

Qualified accelerates lead generation, pipeline, and revenue for sales and marketing teams worldwide.

If your company runs on Salesforce, then Qualified is for you

Purpose-built for salesforce and it shows

We're rated #1 on the Salesforce AppExchange

Qualified is Salesforce through and through. We’re funded by Salesforce Ventures, built on the Salesforce platform, a certified ISV partner, and the #1 conversational solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. Plus, Salesforce chose Qualified to power AppExchange Chat. Ohana, baby.

"Whatever It Takes" Guaranteed Customer Success

It all starts with your Salesforce certified implementation

Our motto? "Whatever it takes." Qualified’s Salesforce-certified trailblazers partner with you to understand your unique business objectives and Salesforce instances, then build a bespoke conversational strategy that shows immediate impact.


Leverage the power of Salesforce and instantly reveal who’s on your site

Qualified hooks right into your Salesforce Sales Cloud data, so you know the moment target Accounts, open Opportunities, Leads and Contacts arrive. Then, meet with your most important buyers in the “magic moment” when they’re most engaged.

The definitive guide
Conversational Marketing for Salesforce

all your salesforce data, at your fingertips

Your SDRs job just got a whole lot easier

Reps see all their buyers’ Salesforce data with Qualified Visitor 360, and can observe their digital body language with Qualified LiveView. Then, they can jump into a live meeting right on the site with live chat, chatbots, and voice-calls.

Book meetings on their terms

The days of back-and-forth emails are long gone

When you’ve got a prospect on the hook and it’s time to book your next meeting, don’t waste time with emails. Surface your calendar right in the chatbot for instant scheduling.

Qualified pushes these actions into Salesforce so your reps can spend less time on operational work and more time on what matters most - closing deals.

Move the needle on pipeline and revenue

Measure business impact, right in Salesforce

They say if it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen. Build custom reports and dashboards to show how conversational sales and marketing is impacting your bottom line.

Qualified perfectly aligns with Salesforce’s mission to bring customers and companies closer together.
Sarah Franklin
President and CMO
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Customers who use Salesforce love Qualified

Qualified is helping the top B2B brands transform their digital sales and marketing strategies to drive more pipeline than ever before.

$2B global consulting firm, Korn Ferry, increased web conversions by 60% with Qualified
web conversions
closed/won revenue
Our global sales team is obsessed.
Robin Daniels
CMO, Matterport
Increase in pipeline
Qualified is the #1 lead source for SurveyMonkey, the world's top online survey platform
of pipeline
lead source
The increase in website-driven  opportunities is remarkable.
Susan Ganeshan
CMO, Granicus
Increase in pipeline
Tech unicorn ThoughtSpot increased sales conversations by 10X with Qualified
online sales conversations
marketing qualified leads
meetings booked

The #1 conversational sales and marketing platform on Salesforce AppExchange

I can’t recommend Qualified enough

Qualified has driven 150 opportunities, with a total of £12m in revenue. One rep has gone from being underperforming to  being the top meeting booker and that’s 100% down to Qualified. They have gone from an average of 2 meetings booked per week, to consistently 8 a week!

Joe Leverson
Digital Marketing Director
Best platform for Salesforce!

I recently switched from Drift to Qualified and have been thoroughly impressed! The customer support I’ve received has been second-to-none. If you’re looking for a conversational marketing platform and you’re using Salesforce, Qualified is the #1 solution out there, period.

Jesse West
Director, Lifecycle Marketing
Since deploying, we have seen instant results.
Sophie Winter
Marketing Operations

Qualified is leading the pack on G2

Today’s top B2B companies who use Salesforce choose Qualified to help drive more leads, pipeline, and revenue from their corporate websites.

More meetings faster. We made our investment back in a month.
Raj Khera
Qualified is incredible!

The biggest opportunity is the human-to-human interaction with Salesforce at the core. The owners of Qualified come from Salesforce and they have all the right pieces to the puzzle to align marketing and sales. Qualified is highly recommended!

Jason Etter
VP Marketing
Fantastic product and customer support

Qualified has a much deeper integration with Salesforce than Drift. Drift is unable to route leads based off of opportunities and stages within Salesforce. If you’re using a chat platform for ABM this is a critical feature to ensure that you’re engaging with the right prospects at the right time.

Maria Pougiales-Posey
Sales Development
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